The Ultimate Guide – Pass Your Hair Drug Test

Having to take a hair follicle drug test fucking sucks. Chances are you’ve read forums and other websites. If so, you probably feel hopeless. Everyone that has failed makes sure they tell the entire world about it. 

We’re here to let you know that it’s not impossible to get a passing result.

What Is It Worth To You?

This is the worst part of it all. Maybe you were just offered your dream job, only to hear something like, “We’d like to hire you, but you just need to pass your drug test first.” Whatever your motivation for needing to pass, we’re here to help get the result you’re looking for.

With that in mind, take a deep breath and don’t give up. Below are three ways you can pass a hair follicle drug test.

Note: Of the three methods outlined below, only two are practical solutions. You’ll see why after reading them.

3 Ways To Pass The Hair Test

  1. Shave Everything
  2. Loophole Testing
  3. Detox Shampoo

Shave It All Off (Least Likely To Pull Off)

image of hair test detection times


On average, it takes around 5-7 days for drugs to “get into” your hair. Simply put, that means you can shave your entire body and you will have around 5 days worth of drug-free hair.

To see how this works for all drugs, click the image to enlarge the drug detection times chart (we’ve circled the information regarding the hair test).


You smoke on Sunday night. You wake up Monday morning and shave your entire body. Now it’s Friday; you have a tiny bit of hair growth since the shave on Monday.

That new hair will probably not contain traces of drugs. But once it becomes Saturday or Sunday (more than 5 days passing) then drug particles will be detectable by the hair analysis.

Is this option realistic? Well, you’ll have to be the judge. What are the chances you are asked to take a hair sample drug test and then randomly decide to shave your entire body? I don’t imagine it would be easy to keep a straight face throughout the process, but it can work.

Light User Loophole (Only If You’re Lucky)

This method only works if you’re a light smoker. Note: The following example assumes you smoke weed.

How does the light user loophole work? Well, the hair follicle exam is not designed to pick up small or occasional drug use.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you smoked a bowl (and only a bowl) around 30 days ago. Then you smoke the same amount two weeks later. It’s possible that you consumed such a low dosage that your test result will come back as undetected. You see, the labs (with regard to hair sample testing) are only designed to find patterns of moderate to high drug usage.

While this method is great if you’re a one hitter quitter, it becomes nerve racking to try this if you consume any more than that. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it’s impossible to quantify how much you can smoke and get away with. If passing the test is extremely important to you, then we don’t recommend risking it with this method.

Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo (Most Trusted)

image of old style aloe ridThere are only few hair detox shampoos that actually work. Most hair detox shampoos fail because they cannot break inside the hair follicle to remove the drug toxins. It’s easy for the labs to run their tests are detect if you’ve done drugs. The worst part is that the majority of tests can detect up to 90 days.

The good news?

Old Style Aloe Rid detox shampoo (MUST be the older version) can get inside the hair shaft and remove the toxins. If you’re serious about passing your test then we highly recommend using it.

CAUTION: The newer version of Aloe Rid does not work. The only place we could find the older version (the one that works) was at

UPDATE: 11/08/2020

The price of Aloe Rid has risen substantially due to the high demand. While we’re confident it’s the best option, we understand it’s not cheap.

Yes, the product is expensive. But ask yourself what you stand to lose. If you’re going for a dream job that’s will pay you more than you’ve ever made, it’s probably the right choice. We’ll leave that decision up to you.

Click here to check the price for Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo.

Hair Follicle Drug Test Facts

A hair analysis is often used to determine use of illegal drugs for pre-employment purposes. The test is chosen over the urine test for a few reasons. On a biological level, follicles retain drugs longer than urine and blood.

The video below outlines how the hair collection process works when you take your hair strand drug test.

How Accurate Is The Hair Test?

image of hair drug test factsSimply put, the hair follicle drug test is the most accurate drug test out there. It all has to do with the biological processes taking place in your body. Urine and blood, for instance, are renewed constantly, but the hair that grows on your body lasts for a long time. This means that your hair can store information on your drug use history dating several months back in time.

As far as the history of drug use is concerned, most lab tests can detect heavy usage of drugs within the last 90 days. This is the longest duration for which a drug test can spot drug use.

An interesting fact about hair follicle drug test is that they can accurately say, with approximation, when the last heavy use of drugs has occurred. The upside is that the lab can tell you have been clean lately, but this probably won’t work to your advantage.

Remember that these tests will try to identify the last session of heavy drug usage. As mentioned above in our “light user loophole”, the test is designed to spot medium to heavy usage periods. But the mystery in all of this is defining what a small usage period looks like because everyone’s body chemistry is different.

The Basics


One thing that may scare you about hair drug tests right off the bat is that labs say that their results are 99% accurate (according to Omega Labs). This sounds scary, indeed. Like in the case of urine and blood samples, there are various factors that can come into play and determine different results. The only thing that helps keep the accuracy lower than 99% is the occasional use loophole, as mentioned before.

Drugs Tested

Certain drugs can be traced in your hair through these tests. Here is a list of common drugs identified through hair sample drug tests (information found at

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroine
  • Morphine
  • Ecstasy

No Hair, No Test?

That is a very good question. In case you don’t have enough hair on your head, the lab will request a sample from other parts of your body. Body follicles grow slower, so if you have engaged in heavy drug use just before a test, this may not appear in the tests.

Test Yourself At-Home

There are a few drug testing companies that are more popular with employers than others. For instance, Psychedemics is a company well known in the United States.

If you have time before your test (most people don’t), then another great option is to test yourself with an at-home kit. This is a great option for someone that (a) has time, and (b) falls into the light user category. The only way you will know for sure is if you test yourself.

Other Options

While Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo is considered your best option to pass the hair test, some people would test their luck using alternative methods. There are two DIY methods that are discussed quite a bit in the forums:

  1. Macujo Method
  2. Jerry G Method

Unfortunately, the feedback has been extremely mixed on their effectiveness. Some people swear by each method, while others make their voices heard on the forums; they usually say something along these lines, “It’s complete bullshit.”

Based our research, we are confident Aloe Rid (available at is the best option available. Because the hair test doesn’t pick up on small amounts of drug use, people who have used the two alternatives methods above were likely going to pass the test with or without help. Therefore, after a passing result they attributed the DIY method to their success, when really it didn’t make a difference.

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