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Founded in 2007, our site has become one of the largest hair drug test resources – enabling the users to understand the usage of our products better and to receive professional information. Our goal is to ensure that this information is always updated and to provide valuable reviews to visitors. In addition, we try to develop a responsive and user-friendly website where you will be able to find and read anything you need. 

If you are planning to participate or participating in competitive sports, and have been taking performance-boosting drugs, you need to make sure that your body doesn’t contain drug’s traces at least one month before your big event. 

You should be aware that you use the hair drug test products at your own risk. And bear in mind that we are not here to promote the use of any drugs. We just want to help good people who want to pass the hair drug tests before their sports events or when they’ve been offered a dream job. And as we already have mentioned, we don’t suggest anyone should take drugs, especially if you are on duty, but if you do, we believe that you have a good reason for that. 

Consider all of our products that are listed on our site, can only be used for home self-administrated tests. All the information on the website are gathered from different sources, and our reviews are based on scientific studies that are published. We need to admit that we are very proud to deliver them to you and help you make an informed decision before taking these drug tests.

By visiting our site, you agree that any use of products or information provided would be on your own risk. If you have some question, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to answer you.

Meet Our Team

David Owen 

Co-Creator and Author

photo of David OwenWhen David created this website, he had in mind a very specific purpose – collecting as much information about the hair drug test as possible. He wanted to create an online platform that could serve as a resource for users who are wondering how to pass these tests without any problems and want to get a deeper insight into these issues. What David wanted most is to help the athletes who have been taking performance-boosting drugs to make sure their bodies do not contain drug’s traces, as he was the athlete himself and understand the struggle of this kind. That is where the site he created steps in and offers a lot of unbiased, detailed and valuable information about the hair drug test products.

John Ridley

Co-Creator and Writer

photo of John RidleyJohn had some other vision when he came up with a targeted site, and that is to aim the people who want to get a fast solution in order to get their dream job. John was in the same situation, and somebody helped him when he needed. When he accidentally came across the similar site, it saved his career. So he decided to do the same and start a website about hair drug tests which will help all users to find a solution to their problems. He does a lot of research and writing to provide detailed information about this topic.