Should You Use An At-Home Hair Testing Kit?

An at-home hair testing kit has many uses. The main usage is to help detect drug usage up to around 90 days after the fact. You can learn why you’d want to test yourself or others with this below so it is clear to you if this is something to order or not. If you have a child that you think has been using drugs and you want to be sure that you are right before you figure out what to do about it, this can help.

You can get them a haircut and then secretly mail in some of the hair after the cut for results or you can just tell them you’re cutting their hair a little for this reason. It can be helpful to do this as soon as possible because it will help you to keep their future from being terrible and full of drug usage.

get employmentAnother reason you may want this kind of a kit is to see if your hair tests positive for drugs because you’re trying to get jobs that may test for them this way. If you’re not able to pass the test (even after reading our full guide), then it could ruin your chances at working for that company forever. That’s why it’s good to be sure that you have nothing left in your hair from past drug use. Even if you did something one time, it can show up on the test and make it very hard for you to get employment in some fields.

A kit that works like this can help you just to have something on hand to scare people away from doing drugs in your home.

You can tell them that if you find or suspect anything that’s related to drugs you will have this available and it will be used. It could just be what it takes to keep everyone safe, like your children or people living with you that have to be clean for other reasons. Just make sure your kit stays up to date and that if you don’t end up using it you upgrade it if the company changes and you need a new one to be able to mail in the hair still.

At-home testing kits for hair help you to determine if you or anyone else was using drugs in the last few months. It can be useful for the reasons you learned about above.

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