Various Stages, Cycles & An Essential Solution to A Healthy Growing Hair

Most people do not think about their hair unless a problem emerges. More hair in the drain and a little thinning up top raise concerns. Others have the opposite problem. Excessive hair growth in some areas of the body can be uncomfortable and unwanted. This group wants to know the right time to use hair removal to create long-lasting results. Whether looking to re-grow hair or can it, people want to know how exactly hair grows.

3 Stages Of Hair Growth

Hair grows all the time. But what you may not know is that it has 3 stages of growth. Growth may occur at different rates, which is why people do not suddenly bald and then go through peach fuzz to a full head of hair, to repeat that cycle. Instead, individual follicles are working at their own pace.

They start with the active growth phase, which is more technically known as Anagen. During this first phase, hair grows steadily at a rate of 1/2 of an inch every month. What you may not realize is this initial growth period lasts up to eight years, and excludes only ten percent of the hairs on the body at any one time. Some people’s anagen phase is shorter, say only 2 years. They will tend to have shorter hair, or may not be able to grow their hair as long as people with a fruitful anagen phase.

At the end of the anagen period, the hair goes into a hair-growth cessation phase or the catagen period. It is only a few week-long process that is kicked off by a chemical and structural shift within the follicle.

Then the hair takes a break and sheds the hair. This third stage lasts up to a few months. In this, the telogen phase, hair follicles are on a vacation from producing any keratin. If all goes well and right in the world, then the full three-stage cycle begins again with active hair growth for years at a time.

Hair Growth Cycles

Now it is time to get down and dirty and learn about the parts of the hair. This helps understand the cycles of hair growth better. Remember that keratin takes a break in the third cycle? Keratin is the key protein for hair growth. It is what gives hair its strength. Additionally, hair has three parts or layers of its structure.

The middle of the hair is not Middle Earth, it is the cortex, and defines both the texture and the color of every hair. The outermost layer of hair is the cuticle, and its job is to protect your follicles. The reason it is essential to protecting the follicle is that this is the arena that handles the nourishment of hair, and contains the hair growth cells. Blood flows through the body, dropping off nourishment to hair follicles, directly to the growth cells. This is what fuels hair growth.

What’s The Key To Healthy Hair Growth?

healthy and thick head of hairIt turns out that the nourishment of those growth cells and the flow of blood establish whether hair will grow healthy or not. The hair growth cycles and the 3 stages of hair growth are important to learn about for anyone interested in combatting hair loss. Conversely, understanding the long and the short of the hair growth process may lead you to understand what methods of hair removal might work best for long-term results. Whether you need to stop hair growth or encourage a healthy and thick head of hair, learning about the cycle of hair growth is a great first stop.

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