What Is The Jerry G Method? – Worth A Try?

A lot of people panic when they find out that they are facing a hair strand drug test. Some people may feel as though they have no chance of passing the test. However, even frequent drug users can pass a test with the right method. Many marijuana users have worked to develop systems that can guarantee clean test results. One such method is the Jerry G method. Named for the person that invented it, this testing method will make it impossible for a test to detect drugs in your system.

How Does The Jerry G Method Work?

change its textureThe Jerry G method is an 8-step method that will fundamentally change your hair. It requires you to expose your hair to chemicals that will change its texture and makeup. For the Jerry G method to work, you will need to stop using marijuana at least 10 days before the test is scheduled. This will give you the time you need to transform your hair.

On the first day, you will have to bleach your hair, then dye it back using a home hair dye that contains ammonia. Make sure you use a permanent dye. To avoid arousing suspicion, you may want to try dying your hair to a shade that’s very close to your natural color.

After you have dyed your hair, you should wash it thoroughly using Toxin Rid. Once your hair is completely clean, allow it to air or towel dry. Don’t use a blow dryer; your hair won’t be able to handle heat damage right now.

Ten days later, you will want to bleach and dye your hair again. As before, you will want to use a permanent dye that has ammonia in it, and you will want to wash your hair with Toxin Rid afterward.

On the day of the test, you should wash your hair one last time with a baking soda paste. You should rinse the paste out with Toxin Rid shampoo, then follow it up with Ultra Clean shampoo.

From there, allow your hair to air or towel dry before going in for your test. You should get a clean result.

Is The Jerry G Method Effective?

Thousands of people have managed to pass drug tests using this method. Although this method does place a lot of strain on the hair, it definitely can deliver results. If your job is important to you, then bleaching and dying your hair shouldn’t be a big issue. It’ll be a
small annoyance, but it won’t cause the kinds of problems that a positive drug test will.

Tips And Tricks

If you do opt to use this method, you should make sure that you toss away your old combs and brushes before you get started. Remember, you’re trying to transform your hair. You’ll need to use brand new comes if you want to ensure that your old hair is gone completely.
If your hair is very long or very thick, two applications may not be enough for you. You should consider cutting your hair shorter before you begin the process, or going through the whole thing a third time. If you do opt to dye your hair three times, you will have to add an extra 10 days to the procedure.

If you have a drug test in your future, make sure that you can pass it. The Jerry G method has helped a lot of people to pass their drug tests, and it can help you as well. This method is easy to implement, and
the results that it delivers are every impressive.

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