Pros, Cons, Side Effects & Costs of Laser Hair Removal

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibility of having laser hair removal, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the main advantages and side effects of this treatment – so you’ll soon be able to decide whether it’s something you would like to try.

The Pros

you will always be silky smoothFirst of all, there are numerous benefits associated with laser hair removal, and it’s well regarded as a fantastic alternative to conventional hair removal methods. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact that laser removal tends to be permanent after just a few sessions. This means your hair follicles were no longer produce new hair, which means you will always be silky smooth, without the need to regularly shave or wax.

Of course, the benefits of this cannot be overstated – and anyone who has long suffered from the drawbacks of conventional hair removal treatments will be thrilled to discover how little maintenance is required once you’ve had several treatments of laser hair removal


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The Cons

However, while there are many benefits associated with this procedure, there’s certainly a few cons to be aware of as well. Some people report that the process is quite painful – but thanks to modern laser hair removal techniques, this situation is improving. In fact, many people report that it’s little more than itchy, or slightly hot sensation – rather than debilitating pain.

Additionally, the price can be somewhat prohibitive for some people – depending on the type of treatment you opt for. But once you compare the cost to a lifetime of regular waxing sessions, you may soon discover that the cost isn’t as prohibitive as you may have once thought.

The Side Effects

Fortunately, there are very few negative side effects to having laser hair removal, so once you can get past the cost and the slightly uncomfortable sensation, you are likely to be blessed with very few long-term negative side effects. With that said, some people do report slightly inflamed skin after the treatment, but these people are in the minority.

Ultimately, if you invest in a quality treatment plan with a proven professional, then you can rest assured that you will experience very few – if any – side effects at all. In most cases, your treatment practitioner will use a cooling pad at the same time, and this will go a long way towards soothing any itchiness or burning sensations you feel once the laser has made its pass through your skin.

The Costs

the costs of laser hair removalNow, it’s important to keep in mind that the costs of laser hair removal can be quite expensive –depending on how large the area is that you treated, as well as the general location and city you are opting to have the treatment performed in.

If you’re planning to have your entire legs and feet treated, then you may be looking at around $500 to $1000 per session. But if you have a simpler treatment, perhaps just under your arms, then you may be able to have the entire procedure performed for just $200-$300. While these costs can seem quite high initially, many people report that the benefits you receive are more than worth the initial outlay.

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