Safe and Effective Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Do you have unwanted hair growing on your body? If you answered “yes,” you are not alone. There are many methods of hair removal available and people across the country and around the world use these every day to get soft, smooth hair-free skin. However, with all of the methods available, there are potential troubles. This article will help you to avoid some of the most common problems that people have regarding hair removal.

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If you decide to take every hair off your body then you will be able to pass the hair drug test with ease. That’s because the test won’t have a single hair to pull from your body. If you’re interested learning more, we suggest reading our “How To Pass A Hair Drug Test” guide.

unwanted hair growing on your bodyIt is important if you are going to shave your hair that it is wet first. Wait until you have been in the shower several minutes, and you will find that your hair is much softer and easier to shave then. This little trick will also help to prolong the life of your razor. You also need to make sure that you keep the razor well-rinsed during and after use. With most razors, this is difficult because hairs get trapped in the back of the blades. You can find some styles that are open. However, if you cannot find or afford them, you do have another option available to you.

Purchase a baby toothbrush and use it from the back to remove those unwanted hairs as you go along. This will only take an extra minute or two during the time it takes to shave your legs but will provide you with a much smoother shave. This will also prevent wet hair from causing rust buildup on your razor.

If you have decided to opt for something that lasts a bit longer than shaving, you will want to be sure that your wax job goes well. About twenty minutes to half an hour before you are going to begin, take a couple of ibuprofen. This will help to relieve some of the pain and discomforts you may experience during the waxing.

You can also use a topical ointment to numb the area. Ask your aesthetician about applying one or find one to use yourself if you are doing a home application. While this will not eliminate the pain, it will help considerably. No matter what type of hair removal you are using, make sure that the area is clean before you begin. This will reduce your risk of infection. Also, if you are going to a salon, it is simply polite. (Wash your feet as well prior to a salon visit out of courtesy.)

enjoy your smooth bodyTo help prevent ingrown hairs, make certain to exfoliate the area regularly. Dead skin will not only clog your pores; it will make your skin look dry and unappealing, exactly the opposite of what you want! Use a high-quality non-comedogenic moisturizer after your hair removal session. This will help to soften your skin. Consider one with cocoa butter or tea tree oil for the healing benefits. You can look and feel fabulous after your hair removal treatments if you take care of yourself and your skin! Then, enjoy your smooth body!

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