Why Psychemedics Dominates The Drug Testing Scene

Psychemedics is a company that employs proprietary methods for establishing the presence of drug metabolites in an applicant’s hair. Other drug testing companies are not as effective, as their methods usually lead to the destruction of the drug that could be found in the samples.

When the method used by Psychemedics is employed, detection is as accurate as possible, as the lab doesn’t use methods that can destroy the presence of the drug(s). Basically, all the drug traces that can be identified are taken into consideration during a Psychemedics test.

Small sample amounts

This lab is also known to require only a small sample in order to conduct its testing. Compared to Psychemedics, other companies need much larger amounts, up to three times more. This is an advantage for Psychemedics, since the issue of not having enough hair for samples in the case of people with little hair is eliminated.

Their tests work for those with no head hair. With around 15% of those looking for employment or having a job being bald, it is important to be able to conduct the hair test using body hair. Psychemedics tests are equally accurate for those who do not have any hair on their heads.

image of Psychemedics hair drug testEffective wash procedure

It is very important that the hair sample used for drug testing is not contaminated by external factors. A complex wash procedure is employed by Psychemedics in order to ensure the proper quality of the hair sample.

Compared to other labs, Psychemedics has the most effective wash procedure. If a hair sample is contaminated, this can lead to false positives, and based on them, employers may choose to fire those applicants. Psychemedics appears to be head and shoulders above the competition in this respect, as well.

No tampering possible

It is not uncommon for those who must be tested for drug use using hair samples to try to dodge a positive result by using various cleansers, dyes and even bleach. The equipment used by Psychemedics cannot be fooled by such practices and, according to data, no common hair products and other adulterants can compromise the result of a test.

Great legal record

The results obtained by Psychemedics have been used over the years in many courts of law. Because of their accurate results, they served protecting the workplace, in many various suits involving unemployment hearings and a wide variety of legal actions.

In a quarter of a century since its founding, Psychemedics has helped many employers and employees to hold their ground in the case of a legal suit. The legal track record of this company is unmatched by any other drug testing company. The official website of Psychemedics has an entire section dedicated to the legal cases the lab was involved in.

image of good marijuana drug testersMarijuana Kings

Marijuana is a commonly used drug in the US, and hair screening is considered the most effective method of detection in its case.

Around three quarters of all those who use drug say they casually or regularly smoke or use weed. This widespread drug is, however, difficult to detect and hair screening is not exactly a simple endeavor when it comes to determining the use of marijuana.

Marijuana analysis involves a series of steps, starting with the extraction, followed by sample preparation and ending with detecting the traces of drug in the hair follicles. Psychemedics has made quite a name for themselves in the drug testing industry since their patented methods for detecting marijuana are unmatched.


Urine tests have their advantages, but they cannot go as back in time as hair tests do. Hair screening has a superior detection window, so it can be used to identify a longer history of drug use. Using both hair and urine tests from the same applicant at the same time has showed so far identical results, according to the data collected by various labs.

Here is where Psychemedics proves their superiority in drug detection once more. Usually, labs find more marijuana users with hair tests than they do with a urine analysis. On the other hand, Psychemedics manages to find up to 7 times more users by means of hair follicle testing than through urine sample testing.

For all categories of drugs now commonly used, the hair drug test is more accurate. That means companies can rest assured that the results obtained through Psychemedics.